Travel Insurance in the Context of COVID-19


With the easing of travel restrictions, Hong Kong citizens are set to travel abroad again after more than two years since the outbreak of the epidemic. The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) would like to highlight some general market information and points to note for travellers’ information and consideration before taking out a travel insurance plan for the outbound trip. Current coverage relating to Covid-19:

  • Medical expenses – If the insured person unfortunately is diagnosed with the COVID-19 while he/she's overseas, over half of insurance companies still provide the medical expenses including hospitalization.

  • Trip cancellation – Some insurance companies provide trip cancellation protection for insured person contracts COVID-19 within the specified days such as 7 days – 14 days before the scheduled departure of a trip.

  • Trip curtailment – Some insurance companies provide trip curtailment protection for insured person who contracts COVID-19 at destination.

Points to note:

  • Travel insurance policies usually contain an exclusion of any loss, damage, expense, liability, or any other amount arising out of (1) COVID-19 or (2) epidemic declared by WHO or any government authority. In other words, travel insurance under general circumstances do not cover the outbreak of epidemic. However, some insurers choose to extend the above coverages for travelers who are inoculated in accordance with the vaccine requirement imposed by HKSAR or local public authority. As such, the insured persons must make sure that they adhere to all the vaccination requirements stipulated by the relevant governments / authorities.

  • If the itinerary is cancelled due to restrictions on entry (such as refusal of entry or failure to obtain a visa/to take the vaccine regulated by HKSAR or local public authority) / or the government-specific flight suspension mechanism, in general, it is not a named peril covered by the travel insurance. insured person should apply refund from travel operator or services providers for the related prepaid travel expenses such as airline, hotel or travel agent tour fees etc.

  • If the insured person needs to extend the coverage period for special conditions during the trip, he/she should apply to the insurance company before the original coverage period of the policy expires. The insurance company will consider charging additional premium to extend the coverage period.

  • As the policy terms of different insurance companies vary, the actual scope of coverage shall be subject to the policy terms. Travelers are reminded to obtain and read the detailed coverage before taking out an insurance plan. If the insured person has any questions, he may contact the insurance company / intermediary.