The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers Appoints New Chief Executive


The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) today announced (Thursday, 30 January 2020) the appointment of Ms Selina Lau as its Chief Executive with effect from 1 February 2020.

Ms Lau joined the HKFI in 1997 and is currently the HKFI’s General Manager – Communications & Committee. She is responsible for all internal communications within the HKFI and external engagement with local and overseas stakeholders. In addition to overseeing the operations of close to 40 committees under the HKFI, she also spearheaded a number of significant projects and initiatives for the industry.

“The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers is delighted to have Selina taking up this important position,” said Mr Praveen Daswani, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. “Selina brings with her solid experience and broad spectrum of knowledge of the industry. We are confident of her ability to lead the HKFI through the major challenges and opportunities ahead and her capability to make a significant contribution to the strategic development of the HKFI.”

Ms Lau will work with the HKFI Governing Committee, the committees of the constituent bodies and the member insurers to promote insurance and help develop the industry for the benefit of the people and the economy of Hong Kong.

“HKFI is the voice of the industry. It is important for us to continue this role through building and sustaining close relationships with member companies, regulators and various stakeholders”, said Mr Eric Hui, Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. “We are confident that with Selina’s profound understanding of and deep-rooted passion for the industry, she will act effectively as a platform for engagement and represent the HKFI on major issues affecting insurance and the insuring public at large.”

Ms Lau graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. She also attained a Master of Arts Degree in Communications & New Media from the City University of Hong Kong.

Ms Selina Lau
The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) Chief Executive