The HKFI supports the Road Safety Council to Launch Creative Publicity Campaign to reinforce the message: "If you drink, don't drive"


Today the Road Safety Council launches a campaign to reinforce the anti-drink driving message with the approach of the Christmas and New Year holiday period. One important part of the campaign is a 3D anti-drink driving vehicle display, which will serve as a stark reminder to drivers and the public in general of the possible grave consequences of drink driving.The Hong Kong Police Force will also be intensifying publicity, education and enforcement against drink driving.

This campaign is a sustainable programme under the 3C Responsible Driver Campaign launched in September, which aims to educate the public on the importance of being a responsible driver by following the 3C driving principles "Care, Concern and Commitment".

People are looking forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations, but in the past few years, accidents and incidents involving drink driving have increased. According to Police statistics, there were 80 persons arrested for drink driving during Christmas and New Year in 2006-07 (from 18 December 2006 to 4 January 2007). There were 101 persons arrested for the same period in 2007-08, and 136 APs in 2008-09. There has also been an increasing number of drink driving resulted accidents with three in 2006, four in 2007 and seven in 2008.

To further publicize the grave consequences of drink driving and with the full support of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, the Road Safety Council has designed a 3D anti-drink driving vehicle display and placed it at the Hong Kong Island entrance of the Cross Harbour Tunnel. The display is unveiled today and remains in position until 15 March 2010.

The Chairman of the Road Safety Campaign Committee Mr. Lawrence YU Kam-kee said at the media briefing, "The vehicle display is the first step in our campaign.The Road Safety Council will be launching a series of territory-wide publicity activities, to encourage drivers not to drink and drive when they go out celebrating, and to reinforce the message of the grave consequences of drink driving."

Ms. Agnes CHOI, Chairman of the General Insurance Council, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, stated: "The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers fully supports the '3C Responsible Drivers, Pledge not to Drink and Drive' campaign. Through this event we wish to remind the public that drivers responsible for drink-driving-related traffic accidents have to bear the liabilities raised by the victims, as there is a "drink driving" exclusion clause in motor insurance policies. Even if the insurance companies compensate the victims they will recover the amount by taking legal action against the drivers or vehicle owners. As such, if you drink, don't drive."

Following the unveiling ceremony, the Road Safety Council distributed anti-drink driving education and publicity leaflets in Lan Kwai Fong, accompanied by representatives from the Hong Kong Police Traffic Branch Headquarters, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and the Star Football Team, including Mr. Michael HUI, Mr. LAU Dan, Mr. Eddie NG, Mr. KWOK Ka-ming, Mr. Bennett PANG, Mr. Teddy ROBIN and Mr. Leslie SANTOS. Police Road Safety Teams will also be distributing education and publicity leaflets in entertainment areas across Hong Kong from today until Sunday.

To increase public awareness, the anti-drink driving message will be electronically displayed on large outdoor TV screens at various hotspots during the Christmas and New Year period. These include Times Square in Causeway Bay, Harbour City and Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Road Safety Council will be concurrently broadcasting the anti-drink driving message on television systems inside 120 eateries. A radio broadcast will remind drivers of existing legislation and the lack of third party insurance coverage in proven drink driving cases.

Since the revised drink driving legislation became effective on 9 February 2009, the Police conduct random breath tests on a daily basis. Police statistics show that the number of drink driving cases have fallen 30% year on year from 1,328 to 926 during the period from February to November. Similarly, the number of accidents involved drink driving dropped from 570 to 221 over the same period, representing a 61% decrease. The Police will increase random breath testing over the festive period.

The Chairperson of the Road Safety Publicity Strategy Working Group Ms. June TENG, Chief Superintendent Mr. Mike DEMAID-GROVES and Senior Superintendent Ms. Shirley CHU of Traffic Branch Headquarters, Hong Kong Police Force, Mr. James WONG, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and Ms. Agnes CHOI, Chairman of the General Insurance Council, participated in the events to show their support.