Insurance Claims Arrangement under Travel Alert for Egypt


The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) provides tips for affected travel insurance policyholders following the Government raising the outbound travel alert (OTA) for Egypt to black.

"Insurance companies will provide all the necessary assistance to travel insurance policyholders affected to expedite their claims," said Mr Harry Wong, Chairman of the General Insurance Council.

Most travel insurance policies indemnify travelers of the "irrecoverable deposits and charges paid" for a cancelled or shortened tours provided that they were taken out before the OTA was raised according to terms and conditions of the policies. 

Affected travelers are advised, first of all, to check with their travel agencies or airlines, hotels and vendors to recover the loss.  Any irrecoverable prepaid deposits/costs or additional transportation costs and accommodation expenses necessarily incurred thereafter could be reimbursed with the insurers concerned, subject to the actual terms and conditions of individual policies.  All relevant receipts and vouchers should be kept and produced as evidence of claim.

As regards the processing of claims, affected travelers are recommended to contact their insurance representatives such as insurance agent/broker, travel agency or directly approach insurance company on any specific questions related to their insurance policies and arrangements for claims.