HKFI: More information on travel insurance gives you peace of mind


The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) today (15 July 2013) welcomes the Consumer Council's survey findings on high-risk activities covered by travel insurance. It encourages consumers to pay attention to details and be more cautious when taking out suitable travel insurance policies for their journeys.

In response to the Council's report, the HKFI would like to supplement as follows:

  • Owing to the limited space in a marketing pamphlet, it can only highlight the key areas of coverage for high risk activities without going into details. The complete terms and conditions of the insurance coverage are available in insurance policies. All high risk activities listed in the marketing pamphlet will be covered by the travel insurance as long as the claim is in line with the terms and restrictions stated in the policy.

  • No matter your travel insurance is bought through intermediary, internet or bank, you will receive a certificate of insurance and/or policy from the insurance company, which provides comprehensive details of your travel insurance plan. You should go through the document to get a better grasp of your protection.

  • Most of the insurance companies publish their travel insurance policies at their websites for public viewing. If you do not have access to the internet, you can obtain a copy of the policy through insurer or intermediary. You can also raise any questions about your policy directly with your insurer/intermediary.

"The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers has been conscientiously enhancing consumers' understanding on travel insurance through various channels," said Mr Jimmy Poon, Deputy Chairman of the HKFI. "We hope to help them take out a suitable cover for their trip and give them the peace of mind."

In view of the Consumer Council's report, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers will:

  • explore ways to improve the design of promotional pamphlet, e.g. using simpler terms to ensure their contents are understood by policyholders and adding a note to remind consumers to refer to the policy for coverage, excluded items and terms and conditions on high risk activities.

  • encourage insurance companies to beef up training for intermediaries and provide more explanation on the terms and conditions to policyholders in a pro-active manner.

  • enhance public education through various media. Consumers are strongly encouraged to browse the HKFI's travel insurance website for more practical tips before taking out travel insurance policies.